Our commitment to a safe and stress-free stay

At ANA Beach House, you’ll find widely-spaced villas and suites with their own entrances and pool; villas also have their own spa. You’ll also have your own dedicated housekeeper and butler for the duration of your stay – fully trained in safety-enhancing protocols. And if there’s anything else we can do to ensure your happiness and peace of mind, you only need ask…

Stay in style

Echo nature’s wild abandon Each of ANA’s 12 utterly unique accommodation choices showcase the extraordinary imagination, inspiration, and innovation of nine of the world’s finest designers.

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Nurturing potential

At ANA, health isn’t a chore or a competition: it’s a mindset and a collaboration, an understanding and an education. Join our experts on the ever-evolving journey to feeling well.

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ANA Nutrition

Food should blow your mind as well as fuel it. Consider our culinary maestros your private chefs: creating mindful dishes and traditional treats, any time and any way you like them.

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Breathtaking Views & Experiences

We believe that your stay should be more than just about service and views. At ANA, we have put together a selection of exclusive and enriching experiences for every want and need.

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